International Cat Day

International Cat Day is celebrated on 8th of August, every year. This day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002. This day is also referred to as World Cat Day in some countries. This day is growing worldwide now. Actually the motive to create this day is to remember the importance of cats in human lives and to save the cats and other animals by celebrating cat day.

(New) International Cat Day 2019 Quotes, Status, Wishes

International Cat Day Quotes

  1. Keep calm and love cats because they are love!
  2. Cats are an animal who has also feelings, let's celebrate International Cat Day 2020!
  3. Sometimes cats saves our life from the bad things and become our partner with whom we can share our feeling.
  4. I think cats are much smart than dogs :) Happy International Cat Day!
  5. Cats are having absolute emotions like humans are having.
  6. Cats have also feelings like us, don't hurt them! Happy International Cat Day!
  7. The time we are spending with cats will never be wasted! Happy International Cat Day!
  8. If you have any tension in your life, Just look at cat's face, you will feel better! Cats are Love! Happy International Cat Day!

International Cat Day Quotes 2019

International Cat Day Quotes 2019

  1. How are behaving with cats and other animals that creates our status in heaven.
  2. Cats have face full of cuteness and their voice is just love! Happy International Cat Day to all Cat Lovers!
  3. I think cats are more trust able than human. Love cats! Happy International Cat Day!
  4. I love cats because they are not human!
  5. Cats more intelligent than dogs because they can understand human feels.
  6. I love the sound of 'Meow' because i feel it is very beautiful!
  7. Cats are here on the earth to teach humans that all creature of the earth have feelings! Happy International Cat Day!
  8. May be you won't believe but i celebrate my cat's birthday every year because i love my cat and the time i spend with her.
  9. On this International Cat Day, I just want to tell you all please save cats, don't hurt them, They looks very innocent that doesn't mean you hurt them. Save Cats, Save feelings. Happy International Cat Day 2019!

International Cat Day Slogans

  1. Cats have feelings, Don't hurt them!
  2. Do you have love Cats? Save them now!
  3. Let us do something to save the Cat lives! 
  4. Cats are the creature of God like humans are, Don't hurt cats!
  5. If you feel hurt when you be hurt by other, Cats have also feelings, the thing is they can't speak. Please don't hurt Cats, Love them and other animals.
  6. Respect Cats and other animals, without them the world will have no beauty of earth environment.