World Lion Day

World Lion Day or International Lion Day is celebrated on 10th of August every year. Many lion lovers are there in the whole world. Many animal lovers celebrate this day sharing awareness about lion and its decreasing numbers of lives. This day is created to raise the awareness of Lions in the world. This day is relatively new event designed to celebrate the Lions globally. Many people don't the date of World Lion Day, So we must share this World Lion Day quotes with everyone to keep them aware of World Lion Day!

People uses the Hashtag #LionDay on there social media handle to share the posts or any uploads about the Lion Day.


Lion Day Quotes

  1. Save Lions because they are the creature of God, the numbers of lions are decreasing.
  2. Lion is the symbol of courage and honesty.
  3. A lion don't depend on anyone, We know that he is lazy than too.
  4. A lion is the king of jungle and our heart.
  5. The lion is only who has a different charm on his face.
  6. Don't depend on anyone like lion and keep courage to take risks.
  7. I love lion because he has no fear of anyone.
  8. Be like a lion, keep away fear from you!
  9. A lion does what he love.
  10. True, the lion can be very angry if he don't get meal.
  11. Roar like a lion and keep away your problems and sadness.

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