Here you will see the best Quotes About Love For Him & Quotes About Love For Her.

Love is the feeling that can be expressed with only humble heart. There is an another way to express love is Quotes About Love For Him. We know that sometimes it is necessary to express our love in words or images, Don't we can understand your problem. That is why we have included here some Quotes About Love For Him that will be very useful to you to express your love easily. 

100+ Quotes About Love

Quotes About Love

  1. Love is the best feeling in the whole world, Everybody should try it once.
  2. Love is unconditional, where the conditions apply, there is no love for sure!
  3. Love can not be counted by money, Love is priceless, it just want true feelings.
  4. I asked some people about Love that why love is unconditional and all replied same that it can't be counted.
  5. Love can not be only between boy friend and Girl friend, It can be between mom and father, son and mother, father and daughter, animal and human.
  6. Love is the only way to make someone our.
  7. Love all people because it can give you the respect you have never got from your relatives.
  8. Love can get you the respect, never forget it.
  9. What is Love? - Love is respect, feeling and all that things which teach you to be loyal with everyone!

Short quotes about love

Very Short Love Quotes For Him

  1. Love creates respect for us from other person.
  2. Love can't be measure, It can be feel only.
  3. We can't see love in the person, Only can feel it.
  4. If you think love is simple, You are wrong it is difficult.
  5. Love can give all the feeling you want from other person.
  6. Love means to give people respect.
  7. Love, the simple way to be someone else!
  8. Love means Life Of Various Eyes.
  9. Keep love with all the people to be success in the life.
  10. Love is the key to the best future.

Quotes about Love and Life

Quotes About Love And Life

  1. Life is nothing without Love, This sentence you have been hearing for a long time but it true.
  2. Life can be totally changed with Love or without Love, with love it can be heaven and without love it can be Hell!
  3. Love decides your future life, now you have to think you want make your future heaven or hell.
  4. Many times there comes a time where nobody understand us, Just believe in Love - All things will be well.
  5. Life is a short time period in the world of earth, we have decide to live it with hate or love.
  6. Life creates many things but the love is another thing which can make important for other people.
  7. Love is the holly thing that creates in the life, good vibes only.
  8. Life is full of problems but never forget to love all the people because if you love others there is a chance to get love from other.
  9. Don't take the life very seriously, Love people around you and be free, Enjoy all days and respect all.
  10. We have heard from many people that life is very short, Yes true! Love all the things given by God.

Cute short quotes about love

Cute Short Quotes About Love

  1. Love is the best feeling in my heart for you.
  2. I can only love you my dear, love is just only for you.
  3. My love is true for you, Just check my heart beats beating for you.
  4. Love you from galaxy to earth.
  5. Love of my heart is genuine for you my dear.
  6. Cuteness can be much better with Love.
  7. Love is everything for my my dear.
  8. You are cute and my Love is cuter than you.
  9. You height is short, that thing makes the much love for you.💚

Quotes about love for her

Quotes About Love For Her

  1. My dear i will love you to the rest of my life, Nobody can make us far from each other.
  2. Loving you is the only work i can do in my life.
  3. My love can be sometimes different from other s because you are special person and special person deserves different things.
  4. I love you are the only words but i can make you feel i love you from my heart.
  5. My love is only just for you because no one deserves the love from me more than you.
  6. Sometimes love make me more careful about your likes and dislikes.
  7. I can not make you feel guilty in my love, I will do anything to make feel relax in my love life.
  8. Life is full of problems but when i see your cute face, my all day becomes full of love ans relaxation.
  9. Love is the only word to say but my does and don'ts are the things which make you comfortable with me, Right?!

Quotes about love for him

Quotes About Love For Him From The Heart

  1. My Love is not just a words, you can test my love anytime.
  2. I just don't only love you, I also care about your likes and dislikes.
  3. Love you from my heart only just because of your honest respect for me.
  4. I just want only a true love from you than see i will never forget you.
  5. I respect your problems and sadness that is why i want you.
  6. Love i unconditional for you because you respect my soul.
  7. I will never leave you because you are my life.


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