World Idli Day is celebrated every year on 30 March worldwide but mostly in the South Indian area. World Idli Day is celebrated to enjoy the day with full of Idlis. That's why here we have included some of the best World Idli Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Facts, Images & Poster for you to share it on your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter.


World Idli Day is the brainchild of Eniyavan, a popular idli caterer from Chennai. It has been reported that in 2015, he made 1,328 varieties of idlis to commemorate this day. To celebrate the day, a giant 44-kilogram idli that was cut by a bureaucrat to seal the deal and declare March 30 as World Idli Day.

World Idli Day Quotes, Wishes, History, Greetings, Facts, Images, Poster

World Idli Day Quotes

I am not a monster to swallow the big idly in the sky.
Idly is overrated. Upma is underrated.
Rava idly is the idly that went to fancy dress competition.
Idli is not tasteful without sambhar.
Today is the World Idly Day. I always loved morning idlies with sambhar and coconut chutney, yummy!!. I am sure all of you had enjoyed the most nutritious South Indian breakfast.
Your bum is rounder than my mom’s Idly.
Cakes made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented handpicked Indian black lentils and rice called Idly.
Love less life is gas less soda.No fun in Idly Chutney without a vada.
Life would be much easier, if we understand we are bounded by same color of blood.Where momos are dipped in dosa’s chutney and Idly being served with Chole bhatura.
What'sup for breakfast, honey?
What did you do when your mom didn’t make breakfast? I sat idly;waited,waited n waited.
Idli is the favorite meal to eat for me, what's yours?
Idli is very much known in the South Indian food.
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I just hope this Idli day bring you all the happiness.

How To Cook Idli?

How To Cook Idli?

  • Four parts uncooked rice
  • One part whole white lentil
  • Optionally spices

To make Idli, four parts uncooked rice (Idli rice or parboiled rice) to one part whole white lentil (urad dal, Vigna mungo) are soaked separately for at least four hours to six hours or overnight. Optionally spices such as fenugreek seeds can be added at the time of soaking for additional flavour. Once done soaking, the lentils are ground to a fine paste and the rice is separately coarsely ground, then they are combined.

Next, the mixture is left to ferment overnight during which its volume will more than double. After fermentation some of the batter may be kept as a starter culture for the next batch. The finished idli batter is put into greased moulds of an idli tray or "tree" for steaming.

The perforated molds allow the idlis to be cooked evenly. The tree holds the trays above the level of boiling water in a pot, and the pot is covered until the idlis are done (about 10–25 minutes, depending on size). A more traditional method is to use leaves instead of moulds.

Top 4 Idli Facts

* Idli is the regular food for South Indian people eaten in breakfast.

* Idli can be ready in just 10 to 25 minutes.

* There are more than 1000 different types of varieties In Idli.

* Idli is most eaten dish in South India.

World Idli Day Tweets On Tweeter

On World Idli Day, many people shares their love for the Idli. That's why many people shares Idli tweets on twitter with the hashtag #WorldIdliDay.


World Idli Day is to remember the importance of Idli in the South India but now a days Idli is famous in not only in India but also famous in other countries. Idli is the food which will never make you sad. That's why here we have share some of the best World Idli Day Quotes, Wishes, History, Greetings, Facts, Images & Poster for you to share it with your friends and family. Eat Idli and Enjoy your day!