National Grilled Cheese Day is celebrated every year in United States. recognizes one of the top comfort foods in the United States. Why wouldn’t it be when we’re talking about bread grilled to perfection, and warm, gooey, melted cheese.

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National Grilled Cheese Day Quotes, Memes, History, Fun Facts, Images, Pictures, Wallpaper


History of National Grilled Cheese Day: In 1911, James L. Kraft invented and popularized processed cheese describing it as “American Cheese.” It immediately became popular in the U.S because of its unique flavor and because it was less expensive than traditional cheddar cheeses that were sold in the United States. This was the most important part of the modern grilled cheese sandwich but there was still something missing. Commercially available sliced bread would still have to be invented and that didn’t occur until 1928.

In 1912, Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented a bread slicing machine that was capable of slicing loaves of bread one-at-a-time. Unfortunately, that bread slicer would end up being destroyed in a fire that same year and it wouldn’t be until 1928 that he finally had a working bread slicer available for sale to the public.

That same year, a baker in St. Louis, Mo. named Gustav Papendick purchased one of these bread slicing machines and decided to come up with a way to package the loaves of bread once they had been sliced. After a few trials and errors, he finally invented a way to hold the sliced bread together so it could be wrapped. This would form the basis for mechanized wrapping machines to come.

The grilled cheese sandwich was popular during the Great Depression because it was filling, delicious, easy to make and most importantly, inexpensive. So it’s not surprising that when World War II began, many soldiers and sailors decided to take the grilled cheese sandwich with them.

This introduced Europeans to the modern grilled cheese sandwich and before long it became not only an American sensation but a worldwide sensation. While it has remained pretty much the same as it was almost 100 years ago, nowadays many people have begun to make their own versions of the grilled cheese sandwich.

National Grilled Cheese Day Quotes, Memes, History, Fun Facts, Images, Pictures, Wallpaper

National Grilled Cheese Day Quotes

1. I’m into grilled cheese.  Grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful! - Emma Stone

2. Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese. - Billie Burke

3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort meal. - Ina Garten

4. When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say? - George Carlin

5. The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese. - Gilbert K. Chesterton

6. I make this really good tomato soup from scratch and I do it with grilled cheese sandwich dippers on the side. That’s really, really, really good. And my grandma loves that. My grandma is the best cook ever so for her to love that makes me think it’s probably the best thing I make. - Gigi Hadid

7. It was the best grilled cheese sandwich I'd ever had—golden brown with a buttery taste, and the cheese all melted and gooey and oozing out the edges. - Peg Kehret

8. I gut check my show. I say, I say, “Gut, gut, does that feel true to you?” And Gut says, “Yes it does, Stephen. Let’s get a grilled cheese sandwich.” - Stephen Colbert

9. Cloud root beer floats and moon grilled cheeses. But their favorite food is stardust. - Michelle Cuevas

10. I’m just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls. - Justin Bieber
11. I do like a little romance… just a sniff, as I call it, of the rocks and valleys. Of course, bread-and-cheese is the real thing. The rocks and valleys are no good at all, if you haven’t got that. - Anthony Trollope

National Grilled Cheese Day Memes

National Grilled Cheese Day Memes

Top 6 Fun Facts About National Grilled Cheese Day

- The most “grilled cheese loving” cities are Baltimore, San Diego and Cincinnati, according to UberEATS.

- The actual term “grilled cheese” doesn’t make an appearance in print until the 1960’s. Before then it was all “melted cheese” or “toasted cheese” sandwiches.

- The Grilled Cheese Invitational was an annual grilled cheese cook-off that took place in Los Angeles from 2006 to 2014.

- U.S. government cookbooks describe Navy cooks broiling “American cheese filling sandwiches” during World War II.

- UberEATS has also found that the most popular day of the week to order a grilled cheese is Saturday. The least popular day is Tuesday.

- The most popular additions to a grilled cheese sandwich are bacon, ham and tomato.


Grilled Cheese is loving by the people since the year of 1911. In current time also people are eating Grilled Cheese with the love & happiness. On National Grilled Cheese Day, we should share these Best National Grilled Cheese Day Quotes, Memes, History, Fun Facts, Images, Pictures & Wallpaper with others. Eat Grilled Cheese and share National Grilled Cheese Day Quotes!