National Unicorn Day is celebrated every year in Unites States, United Kingdom & Canada. Actually on April 9th each year celebrates the mythical horse-like creature with a single, pointed horn growing from the center of its forehead.

Unicorns have been a popular mythical creature since the Ancient Greek times when people believed they lived in exotic India. While they were once considered to be fierce, powerful animals, many now see them as a symbol of love, purity, enchantment, and magic. They also appear in many movies and cartoons as magical creatures. Both adults and children find a fascination with unicorns. They also continue to find their way into fantasy novels alongside other mythical creatures.

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National Unicorn Day Quotes, Meme, Activities, Images, Photos, Pictures

National Unicorn Day Quotes

1. Unicorns are awesome. I am awesome. Therefore, I am a unicorn! YOU, HOPEFULLY! Praise yourself more! - Unknown

2. Be a unicorn in a field of horses. - Unknown

3. Be yourself! Unless you can be a unicorn, in that case, you should always be a unicorn. - Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

4. You may have stopped believing in unicorns, but they never stopped believing in you! - Unknown

5. You’re like a unicorn who brings ice cream and cupcakes. You’re too good to be true. - Notslamon

6. Life’s all about rainbows, glitter and unicorns. - Unknown

7. Being a unicorn isn’t about being real. It’s about being real awesome! - Sugarhai

8. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. - Unknown

9. The unicorns were the most recognizable magic the fairies possessed, and they sent them to those worlds where belief in the magic was in danger of falling altogether. After all, there has to be some belief in magic- however small- for any world to survive. - Terry Brooks

10. Behind the glitter and sparkle, there is a road of hardship. It’s okay to let it show and ask for help. - Unknown

11. The last unicorn wasn’t really the last. And maybe she still isn’t. - Laura Alden

12. Rhinos are just fat unicorns. If we’d give them the time and attention they deserve, as well as a diet: they’d reveal their majestic ways. - Unknown

13. The unicorn is not known for its horn, beauty, or purity; But for its strength and courage as one. - Nicole Beckwith

14. Don’t leave your individuality behind! No fantasy novel started with someone who fit into every mold. - Unknown

15. Unicorns don’t lose sleep over the opinions of little ponies. - Unknown

16. A wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn. - Tibetan Proverb

17. Life’s not easy for unicorns, you know. We’re a dying breed. - Meg Calbot

18. Alice found herself a unicorn to have her back, and so will you! - Unknown

19. When someone told me that I live in a fantasy land, I nearly fell off my unicorn. - Unknown
20. Did you hear about the unicorn with a negative attitude? She always said neigh. - Unknown

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Best 6 National Unicorn Day Activities

Here we are sharing the Best 6 National Unicorn Day Activities that you can do to celebrate this National Unicorn Day!

1. Cook colorful Unicorn Noodles.
2. Use Unicorn Eyeliner on your eyes.
3. Cook Unicorn Macarons.
4. Use Unicorn Hair Dye on hair.
5. Burn Unicorn Candles.
6. Use Unicorn Bath Bombs.


Unicorns mythical creature but they are really good friends for the kids and that we can see on YouTube videos and in real life also. So, on this National Unicorn Day, we have shared with you these Best National Unicorn Day Quotes, Meme, Activities, Images, Photos & Pictures to share it with your friends and family.

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